New Adventure/Quest Game

Having finished my first little PlayDate game with some help, I'm now working on my second, currently untitled adventure game.

I was also wondering if anyone in the community would find it valuable for me to release a free template, or skeleton of sorts of this type of adventure game, with pre-loaded assets as well as pre-scripted functionality that can then be adapted and used for one's own game, all within-script comments to help implement them.

For example, pre-scripted basics like inventory, health, and combat systems, "intelligent" enemies that can move in certain scripted patterns, and general traps and puzzles, like a room filling up with fire or moving blocks around.

I am aware alot of these elements are available either in the forums or in YouTube videos, but would having a one-package DIY Adventure Game Maker be of value? Or has someone already done this?

If it would be of value, what kind of event handlers/functions/assets would be on the most wanted list?


I think this would be very helpful! I'm an experienced hobbyist gamedev but I always appreciate seeing how shipped products are structured, looking for things to steal inspiration.


Thanks for the response!

Just released the game related to this project: Quest For The X by intellikat