New Catalog Submission Form!

Hi everyone!

You may have seen yesterday that we launched Catalog, our curated on-device (and on-web) store for the Playdate. Now that we have Catalog out, we also have a :playdate_new_important: new Catalog Submission Form for those who are interested in being on Catalog!

For pitches that require funding, we are currently working on the new Playdate Pitch Form that we hope to be ready soon. We will post an announcement whenever that is ready!

If you have already submitted a pitch via our old Typeformand are still waiting to hear back, you should have received an email from me today with some questions.

Thank you to those who have submitted a game to our Playdate Pitch Form so far! Sorry that it's taken a while to get back to you on your pitch, and I appreciate your patience with how long it has been!