New game scrolling!

Hi thanks to people here helping i finished my Sherlock game and now am onto another! This time I'll make a devlog. Its beach themed but my question is to have scrolling "inbetween" rooms. What i mean is
if i have a room that has a tiled image/level, when going to next room can pulp have room1 image scroll to the left? the game itself doesnt scroll but for the sense of animation could entire background shift? ok here is the game thanks:
Metal-Detector Playdate demo by Game portal.... (

ah i saw somewhere a way to do it "config.follow" but i cant find (yet) how to set that up to pan/scroll between rooms...

You can make a room scroll with config.follow, but you can have one room active at a time in Pulp, so there isn't a way to have one room scroll into another in the way you might imagine. There are probably some clever ways you could hack it, but not without a lot of work and caveats.

ah now i understand ok thank you!!!