NEW GAME - Supaplex remake, an old game with new content in it!

Hello !

So I remade an old game dear to me as it was one of the very first game I played. It is now an abandonware from 1991 but it was a classic for me back in my days.
You can purchase it here if you're interested !

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Omg, this is awesome! I played this when I was in middle school. I'll try it out :smiley:

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Congrats on the launch. I just bought for $5


Wow I spent so much time playing this as a kid on my 386 :joy::joy:
Instant buy!!

I had never played the game I did buy it and I'm having lots of fun with it!

Thanks you all for your kind messages ! It REALLY means a lot for me :pray:

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Aaaaaahhhh. This has got me to pick up my Playdate having put it down a while back. Haven’t downloaded it yet (am at work) but really looking forward to playing it.