New Release: Anti Aircraft Artillery

I just released my Playdate game on!


I'm waiting on my own Playdate currently so i haven't been able to test it on the hardware yet so if anyone could offer any feedback I'd greatly appreciate it!


Crashed the playdate on launch, unfortunately.

Thanks for checking it out, i'm looking into the code to see if theres anything obvious but i dont know how much troubleshooting i can do until my Playdate comes in

I don't have time to check it out today, but if someone with hardware can press (B) after a crash, useful log output will be displayed. Tiny text, but someone could grab a phone photo or OCR of it. That might tell you which line of code runs into trouble.


Thank you so much for this!

I should have said press (B) for crash details. Fixed above! (A) skips the details.

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I had exactly the issue shown in this video:

How To Reset The Playdate if it Crashes (unresponsive) - Plus how to delete games! - YouTube - in fact I immediately found this video when I searched for how to reset the playdate lol.

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Well thats unfortunate, i'm talking with another developer with the hardware to troubleshoot whats going on. Thanks for pointing me to this and checking out the game!