New Sprites Are Suddenly Not Visible In Pulp When Added To The World

I submitted a bug notification on 6/12 and have not heard anything back on it yet so I thought I would post my question here. Here is what I sent Panic:

I have been making a Pulp game for several months now and today I signed on to work on the game and when I add sprites to the world they immediately disappear. It does not matter if the sprite is new, meaning I just created it, or if it's an existing sprite that I have used for months. When I click to add the sprite to the world it immediately disappears. When I export the game to test what I have added the invisible sprite is there, but I cannot physically see it in Pulp. This basically makes it impossible to update my game because I do not have a photographic memory as far as what I have added, I need to be able to see the sprites and I cannot. Existing sprites that were populated before today are visible. This problem is new, so I am wondering if an update was made that broke something because for the most part Pulp has been a joy to work with. I have invested a lot of time into the game so I would like to finish it, I have an animated card, custom wrapping paper, etc. I am working on adding art/details using additional sprites/world parts/etc.

Here is a screenshot for additional context:

It sounds like you've probably just accidentally hidden the sprites layer. Below the room editor in the tile list, click the eye icon to the left of the sprites tab.

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Thanks, I'll check and see if that's what I did. I don't recall toggling anything but it's very possible I did and didn't notice it.

Yup, that was it. It got accidentally clicked somehow. Thank you again!

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I did the same thing pretty late into development of Initial Daydream and though I had to start all the way over haha