[Not out yet] Factorial!


Factorial! (Italics intentional, working title)

Basically, it (will be) a game similar to Satisfactory except with only the factory part :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas for what gimmicks I should add?

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You should cooperate with https://devforum.play.date/t/efficient-sprite-animation-for-a-large-number-of-sprite-instances/

Thanks for the ping @Whitebrim - and very interesting to hear @zurgeg!

I should be in a state to post a progress update in the next week or so on how I am doing with my factory-game, following on from that prior forum post.

Most of the work I have been doing so far is to aim to support around 2,000+ conveyor belts on the playdate hardware - but I think it should be possible! Still not much "game" yet.

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It would be great if there will be no arm-bots in the game. I don't like them, conveyors just can go right into the machine and right out of the machine. I'm more into heavily modded Minecraft automatisation, not Factorio-like~

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They did say Satisfactory-like. Satisfactory is heavy into conveyor belts, no arm-bots. I do prefer that over some other games style like Automachef, which used arm-bots.

Yep! I'm planning on using conveyor belts for solid items, i.e., finished products, and tubes for liquids, i.e., resources

Also, I might make vehicles transport equipment around (i.e., processors, whatnot)

Finally, arm-bots will be used for the start up animation, but nowhere else.

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