Notifications in SDK?


So I had an idea to make a fnaf fangame, I haven't really planned the gameplay, but something that would be cool, is that every morning theres like a 1/10 chance of you getting jumpscared when you turn on the console, but that wouldn't really work unless you open the game, and then you could just not open the game or something, so it would be nice to have a notification/alert system

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Some talk of a proposed way to add such a feature in this thread:

Also note that if you sleep with the game running, it WILL resume running when you wake it in the morning (or days later). So some kind of random-chance jump scare could work even without scheduled notifications.

Another idea that would be cool to have is data transfer over USB or Bluetooth while playing a game, so I could have maybe a game on the PlayDate with a companion app on my PC that shows stats or connects to Wi-Fi for online multiplayer or something like that.


That would be nice. Could even be a web API--something that can update a limited number of short values at a limited rate, maybe something like 4 attempts/second max with no timing guarantees.

Then a web-based companion page (or app accessing the same thing) could show info—and send actions back even. Suitable for turn-based gaming or just a multi-screen experience.

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