Nova Extension: change in filename of generated pdx

  • this used to generate dailydriver.pdx
  • this now generates Daily Driver.pdx

I noticed because my device had two copies of my game.

Part of my build/make process was also broken due to this change.

It seems the name of the .pdx is now taken from pdxinfo file rather than the folder project folder.

Also, it is possible to have characters in the pdxinfo name line that are not valid characters for a older name in the filesystem, which causes this new technique to break as it cannot create the pdx folder.

Somewhat related to that (depending on what you have your pdxinfo name set to), it seems like spaces in the pdx filename are not supported.

I can't find any mention of this in Inside Playdate but maybe I missed it somewhere.

What you're referencing was a separate bug in 1.12.0. Haven't seen the release notes for 1.12.1 that was just pushed up a few hours ago, but I'm guessing it's been addressed.

What you're referencing was a separate bug in 1.12.0.

You are correct. My existing thread search skills fail me again...

It doesn't seem to be fixed in 1.12.1 though...

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Yes, there's a bug that prevents games with spaces in the title from being deployed from the Simulator to the device. You can manually install them using data disk mode for now, or just remove the spaces from your game's title until we sort this out. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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