Nova + Playdate inconsistently requiring multiple Run commands

I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this:


Using the run command (or cmd-R) seems to have unpredictable results. Sometimes it will re-run the simulator properly (briefly show the Settings screen, then launch the game), and sometimes it will stall on the Settings screen, and occasionally it will actually have two simulator instances running (in the Debugger side panel, but not visually). I don't have debugging enabled or any breakpoints set as far as I can tell, and it doesn't produce errors. It just makes development a bit strange having to always press cmd-R, wait a moment, and then press it again. Restarting Nova doesn't immediately solve it.

That said, this doesn't always happen, at least across the couple dozen hours of development I've been doing on Nova+Playdate, which makes me wonder if it's actually something with my code or my Nova environment setup?

Does anybody have any insight into this?

Nova 9.1
SDK 1.9.3
Mac OS 12.0.1 (Apple M1 chip)

Thank you!

(Apologies if this belongs in a Nova-specific category somewhere else, I couldn't find one)


I've noticed this when trying to optimise Crazy Gravity Playdate I wondered if my code was correct. I could comment out my few lines and the issue would go away.

I didn't have time to look into it more.

I've also had this happen. I think it was a something introduced in 1.9.2 or 1.9.3. Or Nova 9.1. I don't think I saw this behavior on Nova 9 or with SDK 1.9.1.

Good on you for capturing it in a gif. :smile: