Offering up Music / Sound fx

Currently working on my own game but its slow going and I thought I might throw my hat in the ring to do some sfx and music for people.

I am mostly looking to do some ambient music type stuff probably similar to my most recent releases but with less drums maybe a little calmer depending on the mood of the game (links at bottom of the post). I work with a mix of analog and digital hardware synths.

I am not opposed to working on free projects but if its a monetized project we will have to work something out.

Anyways reach out to me if you are interested and think we might work well together.

my bandcamp is here GEX0143 | SLRPS


ill keep this post in mind. i also make music, and am open to collabs in the future. I'm currently working on scoring a game I'm coding for the playdate. Fun stuff.

are you interested in using the SDK's audio engine at all? I've spent a little bit of time in it and reeeaally like it. Teenage Engineering had a hand in it, I think? One of my favorite audio hardware companies. It's comprehensive to the point that with a little programming, one can set up something like a DAW via function calls.

Just curious if you'd played with it at all, or if you'd be exclusively interested in generating your own audio files. either is workable, but myself and other devs might appreciate the elaboration

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I am quite interested in the SDK audio engine although I haven't delved too deeply into it other than reading over the documentation. I am curious to how demanding it is on the CPU, I assume there is sort of a sweet spot of keeping CPU demands down but also keeping file sizes small. Obviously CPU wise its cheapest to just play an audio file but if you want many songs in your game you start to run into the size of your game getting bloated.

My current plans for my game would be to make basically create shortish loopable chunks of audio outside the playdate that I then process with the SDK filter and animate with an lfo to get some nice movement and break up the repetition and potentially open up the background music to have some dynamic interaction with what is happening in game. I haven't even attempted to implement this yet though (currently dredging through getting tilemaps working how I like in my game).

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that sounds like a good, robust approach. I'd definitely be interested in hearing/seeing/playing the results

there is a note in the "Inside Playdate" SDK guide that mentioned audio files are a pressure point for blowing up the size of games. So i'm curious how CPU-intense it is to run a few synths vs playing some audio samples.

i wonder where the threshold is for synth stacking, like, when does it start to slow down game code or otherwise glitch. I would imagine it has a pretty high ceiling? the synths don't seem particularly processing-heavy but they might be, idk.

If any Panic devs have some insight into that and see this thread... insights appreciated!

PS -- same about working on something else atm. i've played a tiny bit with audio, got some midi running through a synth with some neat effects. but I can't stop working on gameplay code long enough to make more music right now

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Really into this! I'm looking forward to hearing some of your creations on the Playdate