Onebit DemonAttack released

Hi all!
Just uploaded to "Demon Attack", my new finished game for PlayDate console. A humble and little game inspired by Demon Attack for Atari VCS 2600 and Intellivision systems.
You can download it from:
OneBit Demon Attack (Playdate) by oscarbraindead
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nice job! the ground effect looks cool and you did a good job keeping a very steady frame rate!

The One-Bit hits just keep on coming. Wow! Played this tonight and it's difficult and very fun!

The Playdate's crank is just beggin for One-Bit Tempest. If anyone could do that right it would be you.

Thank you @superfunc

@joecunningham Thank you! OneBit Tempest...I like the idea although programming Tempest is complicated for me because of the 3d vision. Maybe I'll try it later, thanks for the idea. While I have started another game... OneBit FullMoon... a mansion several humans, a full moon and a werewolf...

The spawn animation for enemies where they are seemingly assembled from two parts flying from left and right of the screen is fun!

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Yes! in the original the enemies are assembled by several dots from both sides of the screen, I've changed the dots by wings :slight_smile:

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