Onebit Invaders

Hi all!
Just uploaded to "Onebit Invaders", my first finished game for PlayDate console.
You can download it from:






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Hi all, I've just uploaded to [OneBit Invaders (Playdate) by oscarbraindead] an updated version of the Onebit Invaders with crank support to move the player ship. It allows select the crank sensibility and direction. Thank you!

Hi again!
Please could someone with the real hardware try it out and tell me if they can get it to work? I have been warned that loading it with sideload fails. Could any of you try to load it on the console via USB and tell me if it works well? Thank you very much.

User RPT, confirmed that USB install method works correctly. Thank you very much.

Thanks, that was the intention. :+1:

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I apologize. please forgive me. Thans!

No problem, space invaders is not for everybody :grinning:

Hi all,
I've updated an updated version of the game that allows the installation in the real device via sideload install without problems. Thanks @RUMBLEBOX for the help and solution.
You can download the game from:

Thank you.
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Hi all,
I've updated an updated version of Onebit Invaders (v1.3) with a few additions:

Added Up in the pad as fire button while you are using the crank to move
Added option in-game menu to allow full lives each time that a new level begins
Help screen with powerups meaning accesible in the main menu directly
Small difficult changes

Thank you.
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