Onebit Pacman released

Hi all!
Just uploaded to "PacMac", my second finished game for PlayDate console.
You can download it from:
OneBit PacMan (Playdate) by oscarbraindead
Best regards!


Played this today. Loved the surprise of the powerups. Seemed nice and smooth!

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Thanks for playing, I'm glad it likes you!

Very well done. Love the scrolling, multi-level lanes, and the powerups. My only quibble is that I wish it were just a tad faster. Cheers!

Thanks for playing and comment!
Interesting idea... I just upload a new version faster (50fps) than original one (30fps) (OneBit PacMan (Playdate) by oscarbraindead)
Hope you like it.
Best regards!

Hi @oscarbraindead- Thanks! I tried the 50fps and still found the PacMac to be moving a tad slower than I'd like. I really do like the game- the level complete typography with moving animation below it is fantastic.

Hmmm... I'll look if I can add some speed to pacman; it could affect some logic in the player movement routine, so not sure if I can accelerate it more...
I'm glad that, despite the speed of pacman, you like the game :smile:
Thanks for playing and comment your ideas and impressions!

Very fun, and easy to see. I never played a Pac-Man with actual powerups before.

Thank you! I took the idea of ​​the powerups from Deluxe pacman of commodore Amiga, made by Edgar Vigdal... IMHO one of the best pacman clones ever made.

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