Optimized animation files using json or similar?

I was thinking about making a game with a load of large sprites and animations but not sure if the playdate will be able to handle loads of large animations frames.
At a previous company i worked at we had an internal tool that let us animate sprites on a timeline then that was spat out to a json file and the game loaded that to save on texture memory, we also used it for mirroring large sprites too.
Heres a quick example of what I'm talking about,
A set bank of sprites, which can be moved rotated and scaled and faded on a timeline.
Doing this cuts back on texture memory needed for loads of complex animations.

My question is thee a tool anyone know of that could do this on playdate?
I know of these programs which do something similar but i think they will be a little overkill for the playdate.

It would be good to know if anyone has experimented with this yet or if someone is more familiar with something like spine which from a quick glance of the site says it supports json export.
Is it worth perusing making a simple tool like this or has it already been solved?

more investigation , spine has a generic lua runtime and lua love 2d