Option to Disable Delete Frame Warning

  1. Describe your reason for requesting this feature. What problems are you running into?
    I understand it can be nice to avoid accidentally deleting work, but it's very tedious if you want to redo your sprite and delete several frames.
  2. How would this request improve your experience with using Pulp?
    Allow me to spend less time clicking back and forth through the UI tediously to remove multiple frames.
  3. Include any other details you have relating to this request.
    Can be an optional feature, or maybe instead allow users to select multiple frames for deletion, would make the warning at least somewhat more tolerable

Holding shift when clicking will skip the confirmation for things like deleting frames and tiles.

Also, as deleting a frame/tile moves the selector one to the left, you can also delete many frames/tiles in a row by selecting the furthest right one and shift clicking the delete button multiple times.


Thank you! Haven't seen this feature mentioned anywhere so far.

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We mention it in the docs here: Playdate Pulp though it's maybe easy to miss.

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