OS 2.2.0 Crash report (on unlock)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Buy new console

  2. Complete Intro, link account, update to 2.2.0

  3. Do not open any "gift" including Catalog

  4. Go to Settings/Games

  5. Initialise Catalog installation process from that menu

  6. Don't wait process completion, do lock screen or just wait autolock (1 minute?) if you have very poor connection and so downloading speed.

  7. After long time (more there hour my case) on the lock screen press A,
    Then notification diode change color from "New games waiting for you" to bright white and then crash without error message, so I suppose there's something like illegal dereference.

  8. After reboot seems to all is OK and Catalog is installed and "gift unpacked".

+ @dave