OS 2 List View icons highlight later than titles

I don't know if this a picky trivial bug, feature request, or as-intended, but FWIW...

Even on the Simulator, when cycling through the list view, the icon does not highlight instantly even though the title does. It's a quarter second or so late to begin the animation.

It would look extra slick to see every icon respond as fast as the title as you cycle through!

If that delay is needed to load the animation frames, then what about this... maybe pre-load all the FIRST frames to allow instant response, THEN have the delay to load the rest? (Devs could take this into account when designing frame 1—or simply double that frame—if that delay between 1 and 2 would cause an unwanted stutter.)

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It's not really intentional, it's just working the same way it works for the card view. But since that view doesn't have a text selection highlight to compare it to it doesn't look weird, and I think it does work well for cards to start their highlight animations once the card is fully scrolled to center.

I agree that in list view it looks look out-of-sync, so I'll file this as a bug. Thanks for the post!


Yeah, the little delay IS perfect for cards!