(OUT NOW!) Penrose - A Game Boy/Flash Era-Style Horror Game

UPDATE: Penrose is out now!

Hey all! I've got a strange little psychological horror game coming out 10/1 that I'm pretty excited about. Here's the itch page for it, and I'll put a few GIFs below too.


It's about memory, identity, and finding your way out. Inspiration-wise, I leaned pretty hard into my love of old exploration-heavy Game Boy games and weird flash era creations on Newgrounds and Albino Blacksheep.

Screen-recording-2022-09-20-1148 (1)

I just recently made a devlog that dives further into the inspirations/origins of the game. You can read it here if you're in the mood for some wild west era internet nostalgia.

Screen-recording-2022-09-20-1148 (2)

I've also got a super short trailer that shows off some of the chiptune music that my partner designed for it. Really excited to share the finished game with you all!

Penrose Game Trailer (Playdate)


This looks really cool--about to check it out!

FWIW, you probably know already... and chose this on purpose... but Penrose currently only accepts PayPal. I mention it in case people may only have a credit card, not PayPal, and (like me!) wish to pay you. I'll check back in a few weeks to see if CC has been added as an option.

Thanks for the game either way!

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Thank you so much, and thanks for letting me know! I'm new to itch, so I actually didn't know that. I just connected Stripe, so credit card payments should be supported now. Thanks again!

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Great! (For my clocks/games I used "Collected by Itch" instead of handling payments with my own PayPal or Stripe... less direct, but easier since I don't have those!)

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Oh cool, good to know! Thanks again!

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