Out now: Soko, a teeny Sokoban game

Hi everyone, I just released my first game for Playdate!

Soko is a teeny Sokoban game. It's bundled with a bunch of levels that should work nicely on the Playdate’s compact screen, but also allows you to import your own levels. And just for fun I added a few unlockable characters, plus a replay feature to rewatch your past solutions.

Give it a look over at itch.io :sparkles:



Nice! I do love a bit of Sokoban.

Congrats on the launch.

What font is that you're using in your status bar?

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ST-DIN :playdate_heart:

I'm using the light variant a bit more than I'd liked (because I love the original/bold version), but it works well for the "less important" labels (:

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SWEET! :sparkles:

We're about to use it a bit more in Sparrow Solitaire

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