Out now: Time From Earth

And we're live! You can download Time From Earth exclusively for the Playdate at a cost of $3 here: https://olliecoe.itch.io/timefromearth.

I have also written a new devlog here exploring some of the influences and themes: Ready for launch... - Time From Earth (Playdate) by Olliecoe

Finally, you can still watch the announcement trailer here: Time From Earth (Playdate) - Announcement trailer - YouTube

Thank you to everyone involved in the project (Especially to Ben Perry for the awesome music). It's such a great community to be part of!

Feedback is always welcome and I hope people enjoy their time with the crew of Physis 5!


Neat story idea. Is this a point-and-click adventure?

Thanks! I’d say it’s more of a top down walking sim type game spread over a 12 day cycle. There are some mini games but generally it’s narrative focused rather than puzzle.

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