PALE Updateboard

I got a message to not post a new thread for every update.
So I'm squishing all my updates together into one.

Don't worry it is fine.

Update 1: PALE - A new pulp game in the works!

So, I am making a sort of ghost RPG called PALE.

This is a small gameplay of PALE.

The game is about a young ghost named Blur. He need to go through all sorts of enemies. (I actually didn't come up with Blur's goal. Suggestions?)

So, yeah. That's the game. Only pre-alpha, but I might drop a demo.

If you are wondering about the little lines, that's a debug thing. (You will understand in the demo.)

Update 2: Making progress!

I'm making big progress with PALE. First I am adding...

Pale Ghouls

They are the counterpart and enemies of ghosts.

Ready for more - Peter L.

Update 3: A new starter room!

I made a cool menu in my new game, PALE.

Check it out!

Pale Menu
Cool, huh? (It's actually inspired by another game.)

Pressing :a: - Peter L.

Update 4: Alpha Update

This must be the biggest update ever for PALE! :playdate_new_important:

Pale Ghosters
...The Ghosters! They are a crew of influencers looking to show off ghosts!

How can you get them away?

Pale Magic
...MAGIC SPELLS! :playdate_robo:

That's not all! Tomorrow, the alpha test for PALE will release on!
Hope to see you there!

Testing - Peter L.

Update 5: Alpha/Demo Release

The alpha test for PALE is here! :playdate_shocked:

You can play here: PALE (Alpha Test) by Battleboy28

Waiting on the beta :playdate_static: - Peter L.


I have an idea for Blurs goal, how about he's trying to go get something he left behind in the material plane (Where the living are) and he tries to go back to retrieve it, it could be something like a rubber ducky or a Playdate console.

How did you get those ghosts to wander up and down. Im having a horrible time coding sprites to wander or move without a goal.