Pass C user defs (UDEFS) to simulator in

Hey all, loving the Playdate and developing for it.

I have a very minor issue with using the shipped Make utility . If I include a debugging guard like this:

#ifdef _DEBUG
    pd->system->drawFPS(0, 0);

And then specify the user define in my own Makefile like this:

UDEFS = -D_DEBUG -Wpedantic -Wall -Werror

# ...

include $(SDK)/C_API/buildsupport/

Then the UDEFS don't take effect in the simulator, only in the build running on the Playdate.

I've modified locally but of course this means my project is less portable and must include instructions for modifying if I collaborate with others.

I've modified this line in


which allows me to specify for example:


but alternatively CLANGFLAGS += $(UDEFS) would be fine to ensure both the simulator build and the playdate build are built with the same flags (though I like to be able to modify them independently).

Looking forward to more Playdating, and thanks for the awesome community :slight_smile: