Pdc -k (skip-unknown) skips over animation.txt in card-highlighted directory

While following the documentation on game metadata, I was experimenting with using animation.txt in my card-highlighted subdirectory of my launcher assets directory to customize the card highlighted animation, but discovered that pdc thinks that animation.txt is an unrecognized file type and will skip it if using pdc -k. I had been using pdc -k to avoid copying aseprite files into my packages and had to stop using it to keep using custom animation timing.

It feels like either pdc should know that this particular txt file is blessed or otherwise have some way of letting it know it should still copy that particular file.

Repro Steps

  • Define imagePath in your pdxinfo file
  • Inside the directory pointed at by imagePath, create a card-highlighted subdirectory
  • In the card-highlighted subdirectory, put some sequentially numbered 400x240 pngs (1.png, 2.png etc)
  • In the card-highlighted subdirectory, create animation.txt and add a line to do something that would be obvious with the images you used, such as displaying them in reverse order with frames = 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Compile with pdc -k flag enabled
  • Copy the resulting pdx into your simulator's Games folder so it appears on the simulator home screen
  • Highlight the game on the simulator's home screen

Expected result
Game contains animation.txt and displays the animation as defined

Actual result
pdc gives a warning about skipping animation.txt. Since the resulting pdx file does not contain it, the animation does not work as defined.

System info

  • Windows 10
  • PlayDate SDK 1.10.0
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Good catch! One for @dave

That's weird. I added a check for that file and I thought I'd tested it.. :thinking: I'll take another look.

I'm not having any luck reproducing this, animation.txt gets copied with pdc -k as long as it's in a folder called card-highlighted, regardless of where it is in the tree. Can you post a project demonstrating this? :pray:

Here's a minimal sample project that demonstrates the issue: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/177687117932134400/983937391989493820/highlight-anim.zip

I've updated my SDK since filing the original report and this still happens with pdc 1.11.1.

This isn't in the zip, but I also tried putting a card-highlighted directory at the top level of the project just to see if what you said was true for me, and I got a message about it skipping that animation.txt too.

Does it have something to do with path formatting between OSes, maybe? I'm using Windows and don't have a Mac on hand that I can test with at the moment.

ohhh that's it. I have the forward slash hard coded there.

Well, at least it's an easy fix. :man_shrugging:

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