Pdc: Would like to suppress "Unrecognized file types" warning


I'm using the C API and the default makefile on Mac.

I've got a custom file format that I've added to my Source directory (basically an LCDPattern file). It's in its own directory (patterns).

Whenever I build, pdc gives me this warning: Unrecognized file types are copied by default. Use the -k or --skip-unknown flag to skip these files instead.

I'm fine with things being copied blindly - I know how to pick them up and use them :slight_smile: I'd love a way to suppress this warning to make the build output less chatty.


-q will give you quiet mode. pdc with no args will give you a list of all options available.

Perfect! Thanks!

Turns out the common makefile clobbers PDCFLAGS, but that's for a bug report :slight_smile: