PDFXR - make sound effects for your games!

Hi all!

I just released PDFXR. It's a user-friendly UI for Playdate's synth API allowing you to create cool procedural retro sound effects for your games. You save them as JSON to your Playdate device, and then import them into your project and play them back with a simple lua API I supply with the project.

It's free / donationware :slight_smile:

Have fun! Let me know if you have feedback or comments!


Wow, really nice - and useful!



(I approve of the bold fonts and strokes!)

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Trying to open this on my MacBook Air M1. My simulator is version 2.4.2.

dlopen(/Users/rajdeepsingha/Downloads/PDFXR.pdx/pdex.dylib, 0x0006): tried: '/Users/rajdeepsingha/Downloads/PDFXR.pdx/pdex.dylib' (mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have 'x86_64', need 'arm64e' or 'arm64')), '/System/Volumes/Preboot/Cryptexes/OS/Users/rajdeepsingha/Downloads/PDFXR.pdx/pdex.dylib' (no such file), '/Users/rajdeepsingha/Downloads/PDFXR.pdx/pdex.dylib' (mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have 'x86_64', need 'arm64e' or 'arm64'))

Any help on how to solve this?

I'm afraid I haven't compiled for modern macs as my mac is Intel silicon! You'll have to run it on the device for now I'm afraid.

Come to think of it, the app uses some C functions to draw the readouts. But this isn't a problem on the simulator. So that could be lua-only. I'll see about it.

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Oh bummer, I don't have the device yet. Anyways, thanks for the quick response.

I'll have a look now

Okay, I tried out my plan and it didn't work. But I can produce a new version that works in the simulator if you delete the dylib from inside the PDX. I'll release it asap.

Hi Rajdeep,
Please try the new version I just uploaded which should run in the simulator.

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it works now. Thank you so much!!!

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