PDUTIL.EXE, logToConsole() - to add feature to output message to SysInternals DebugView?


Is it possible to add a feature to output message using logToConsole() and redirect to SysInternals DebugView ?

I unsure PDUTIL.EXE is the one that receive feedback message after deployed .PDX. If it is, really appreciate the API “OutputDebugString()” is built-in as an option switch for the next release of PlaydateSDK for Windows.

Please advise.

I’ve written a quick C# console app that will spew serial data in the window (essentially the console of the device). You can find it here. It will pickup messages from logToConsole.

The official solution I’d imagine will be in the eventual release of the Playdate Simulator on Windows, since it has tools to help interact with the device.

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