Pdxinfo file not found or you may have an issue in your code

In the console I was getting this error pdxinfo file not found. but my pdxinfo was in the correct place. It feels like a "red herring" message where the real problem was a syntax error in my code.

Perhaps you could include a more verbose message that it might be something else if the system is unsure.

Apologies if this is not related to the Playdate SDK - I'm using VS Code and Node to build this project via GitHub - colingourlay/pddx: A toolkit for developing Playdate games, for those who prefer the Node.js ecosystem - I'll cross post this issue on his repo to help others

I was confused by the node stuff but now I get it. That's pdc's fault, it doesn't delete the output pdx folder after it hits a compilation error. I'm not sure if always deleting after error is the correct behavior.. Should it only delete the pdx if it created it in the first place? In that case, should it also not overwrite files inside the pdx folder until they're successfully compiled? There are definitely some edge cases here to sort out.