Persistent "New Catalog games!" notification?

Not exactly a SDK bug but I am not sure where else to report... I have been seeing this "New Catalog games!" notification all afternoon.

Normally I would browse the catalog and it would go away, but today it keeps on coming back every 20 minutes. I disabled the notification light which helps a bit, but I would like to get the clock back without that bit of text in the corner. How do I fix this?

I tried rebooting the device, which didn't help.

I also tried just staying inside the Catalog app without returning home, and still see the notification after 20 minutes.


Do you refresh Catalog listing when the app is open? (Press B)

I did try to refresh, the notification still came back after 20 minutes.

I am also seeing this behaviour, the New Catalog Games prompt is showing, but when I browse to the catalog, there are no new games. Mars After Midnight is the newest game in the the new games list.

Did you try updating to firmware version 2.4.2?

I have been running 2.4.2 before receiving the new catalog games notification.

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There is a server side issue that is triggering this notification and should be resolved shortly.


I'd love to have an option to disable this notification permanently, in addition to just disabling the light. I hear about Catalog games in several other ways.

Being able to mark the “new games available” notice as viewed or hide it would be great as well- I’ve purchased a number of catalog titles I’m intentionally slowly unwrapping, which means the notice is constantly visible rather than only appearing when a new game has been downloaded from the season or catalog.

Perhaps every screen unlock should dismiss a notification that is showing?

Not all notifications, just the one that was showing. It oh s possible to have multiple notifications (new games + system update) with only one showing