Personal Project: SINergy

Hi everyone, I felt like now would be a good time to showcase my progress on a project I've been on-and-off with. Since Pulp went public months back, I jumped on to explore what I could produce with my use of perspective.

Take Watch Dogs hacking and Point-And-Click and you get SINergy. So far, I have over a dozen different stages spread across one house with different point of views centered around smart devices and other appliances to explore the setting. Originally, this game was intended to use the crank to pan the camera(s), but using Pulp for the first time I decided to halt that ambition for my next project possibly.

Now, my objective is to expand the game to multiple homely locales as I can utilizing just the D-Pad. Plans for SINergy essentially is to ship it in its entirety whenever I get to it - at no cost I might add. I’ve worked on this project for over a handful of weeks altogether and wanted to share my time with it so far. Since I only have minor experience with Adobe Animate (Flash), I don’t really see this expanding beyond its primitive control scheme.

The objective of SINergy is to abuse the always-connected network of devices and collect malicious artifacts littered throughout. Obviously you can only access segments of the house if it's in your view, but that expands well beyond just tangible means as computers and other touch screen devices will open different interfaces to dig for more.

This project is also my first true time creating grid art and I’ve enjoyed what has come out of this so far! At most, I see SINergy costing about ten minutes of your time when it's fully completed.