Pikki Rikki - A "Bun" Playdate Platformer!

Hey there, everyone!

I've been working on this game for a bit, and, while I haven't said much here, I've definitely taken note of a few tips, tricks, and solutions in working on this, so I do hope to interact more here!

On that note, though, I've put up my first publically released game today, Pikki Rikki, for the Playdate!

Rikki's a bunny that can't jump. Rather than jumping, though, to launch himself upward, he can pick replantable pikk-plants from the ground! This is done by crank (or alternatively the A/B buttons.) It's got 15 stages, most lasting 15 seconds at their base time, with replanted pikk-plants adding time when re-picked!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4)

(TLDR: Bunny game, bunny can only jump by picking plants. Collect coins and beat the clock, through 15 short but fun levels!)

It's available now! This link'll take you there, if you want to play it! Pikki Rikki by cole+ games