PIt Crew - Change those tires!

(work in progress)

This game mechanic has been bouncing around in my head ever since they announced a handheld with a little crank on it.

Let's just say it's set in a universe where formula cars have anywhere between 2 and 8 lugnuts on their wheels. I'll add a case for a center nut once I think of an interesting way to do it.

So far I'm pretty happy with the mechanic but I'm getting kind of stuck at the part where I need to build an entire game around it. Animators and easing functions have been fun to learn and play around with. I still need to get learn how to animate text and maybe make my own font. Sound is also going to be a whole other thing. I'd like to learn how to use the Playdate's synth rather than playing sound clips. So far I've managed a pew-pew placeholder sound.

Hopefully more to come!


This looks so fun! My F1 + game dev friends also think it looks sick. One of them suggested using the crank as a front jack man before the tire change

This looks great! I think you could build a whole little mechanic game out of this. Like, picking the right tires for the pit stop, jacking up the car, removing a tear off from the driver, making sure the car is safe to release, and more probably.