Pixel Artist Looking for Playdate Dev

Hi, guys.
I am Dan Mafra, a pixel art specialist.

Most of my works may be seen in three places:
Instagram, at @danmafra
Behance, at Portfolio Link
And Twitter, though I rarely use it, at @danielmafra.

I think you may enjoy some of the arts there.

As a pixel artist, I want to do arts for Playdate.
If you're a dev and are already working on something for Playdate, like my works, and want to have my arts on your game, let me know.
Send me a DM, here or at any of those channels above (Insta, Behance, Twitter).
I'll reply to you as fast as possible. :slight_smile:

Have a great dev day,


Hi, I like your work and I am working on a playdate game, maybe se can share some thougths and see if we can collaborate

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Send me an email to danmafrapixelarts@gmail.com. :slight_smile: Let's talk from there.