"Play" page should have lock scrolled

When playing a game in Pulp, i.e. going to https://play.date/pulp/ID/play/ , it’s possible to use the trackpad (and I presume the mouse scrollwheel) to move the crank by “scrolling” up and down

Unfortunately, that also scrolls the page a little bit up and down.

It would be nice if the page’s scroll was locked (using css or javascript)



Ah yes this is a mac issue and can be fixed by applying overscroll-behavior: none; to the CSS of the body.
Until this is implemented officially, feel free to paste this into your browser console when opening the web simulator to temporarily fix it:

document.body.style.overscrollBehavior = 'none'

Note that this will only last until you close that tab :playdate_wink:


That’s wonderful, thank you so much! That works perfectly.

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As this still hasn't been fixed, I've put together a quick userscript to run that line of code every time the page is loaded. You can get it here: Pulp no overscroll

Note that you'll need the tampermonkey extension installed in your browser in order to install this userscript.


Also happens on Windows. I was playing around on my laptop last night.