PlayDaPon - Action Puzzler/Match 3

Hi Playdate community! We released a little action puzzle game today on itch. Check it out!

Folks in this community might be interested in our devlog, which talks a little about how we were able to port a large chunk of the core from a prior implementation for Sega genesis: Introducing PlayDaPon! - PlayDaPon by Lonely Star Software, stephan_gfx




Available on itch: PlayDaPon by Lonely Star Software, stephan_gfx

I'll write up a bigger post mortem doc later. Time to take a break- Let us know what you think! (And huge thanks to folks here for answering questions)


Fun! Runs really smoothly. I think the music will be stuck in my head all day. Did you try allowing the crank to rotate blocks? The most comfortable way I have found to hold it at 90 degrees has my thumb cross the screen a bit.

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We originally tried using the crank to raise the board... but when we switched to a sideways orientation for the console, that felt weird. For switching blocks it felt like a large motion. We ended up just sticking with the buttons for this version while we built the rest of the game.

Something to play with in the future though...

hi @stephan :slight_smile:

very cool

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love to see a game designed to be played portrait mode (upright). cool to take advantage of the taller screen that direction for games like this.

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Hi @superfunc, good to see you around here!

@DJ_irl yeah we tried it the normal orientation but that would have forced us to use a smaller board or smaller block sprites. We didn’t like either of those options, especially without color. I’ll post a link to our write up when we finish it with old screenshots of those experiments, but this way really felt the best to us.

The simulator app could use some better support for it- you can turn the screen but it would be handy to be able to rotate the arrow key input too for keyboard plays. We had to use the plugged in playdate to control the simulator which works but for quick testing is an extra step.

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