Playdate Advent Calender


We are working on a community advent calender for the playdate.
Current work in progress screenshot:

The idea is to have a playdate game from itch on discount every day.
More details:

We still have around three days open:
(Advent ‐ Dates 2023 · DomDomHaas/playdate-advent Wiki · GitHub)

If you're inteserested contact Dominik Haas via Discord (domhaas) or Twitter / X (@domdomhaas) to reserve a date.

And / Or join the the Playdate Devstaurant Discord:

To get in contact with via DM to Dom, Xania or PizzaFuelDev.



The Advent Calendar is live:

Days are pretty much filled, if you're still interested, get in contact. There might be a way to squence in :slight_smile:

Happy Advent!

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