Playdate button icon glyphs available in custom OptionsMenuItem

It may be nice to be able to utilize the built-in playdate glyphs inside of strings used in the addOptionsMenuItem function's "options" table. No doubt I'm not considering some UX reason why they're not available now, but at first glance it could be useful !


Can you give a scenario of when you would use this?

It appears that only the emoji based glyphs don't work.

or look correct and work!

Edit: if I were to guess, it's probably because this is a different font that simply doesn't have the glyphs.

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Where I ran into it was that we were considering making an option in the Playdate menu that would toggle the controls between pressing A to do a certain action, and using the crank to do that same action.

I attempted to something that would swap between "Interact" - "A Button" and "Interact" - "Crank", but of course the space is too limited in the menu to fit that fully, so that's when I attempted to replace Crank/A with their glyphs.

It may be a little specific of a use case to prioritize this, but the discovery @ericlewis shared makes it seem a bit strange that some of the glyphs work and some don't.

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