Playdate freezes on lock screen when left locked for extended period of time

reprocuded on actual playdate hardware, playdate os version 1.11.0 (latest as of posting). unit is a new one that arrived two days ago with a flat battery (though was charged while setting it up). lock screen setting is set to word clock, and i have a case on my playdate. not sure if those last things are particularly relevant, but i know any additional information on the environment it's coming from helps.

i will find consistently after a long period of time being locked (though i'm unsure just how long, it's always happened at least after an hour or so) the playdate will be able to unlock itself as per usual, but the screen will stay frozen to what the lock screen was. i've also noticed that the lock screen freezes to a time in the past, which i assume is the time at which the display freezes.

i can confirm that the playdate does indeed otherwise unlock as per normal, since double pressing the lock button plays the unlock sound and i can navigate the menu and launch games as per normal. to resolve this issue temporarily, i have had to perform the following steps:

  • turn off the playdate by holding down the lock button for a while, and then releasing it (the screen will turn off at this point)
  • press the lock button once to turn the playdate on
  • navigate to settings and reboot the device

it's worth noting that i have to reboot the device once turning it on since very often what will happen is even though the home menu displays, the menu will be glitched in a variety of ways (eg. ghosting of menu elements, flickering screen, etc). that final reboot resolves all the issues, and the playdate goes back to operating as normal.

currently away from home so i can't take a video, but will do so once i'm home and will post it as a reply to this thread.

EDIT: added some more details

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just got home, linked is the video of the bug in action. worth noting that in reproduction of the bug in the video the screen unfroze (though was still glitchy) when launching whitewater wipeout.

I've read about one more instance of this on Resetera forum. I believe the owner contacted Panic through

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i've just hit them up through their contact form, and linked them to this thread. will see how we go!


I am having this issue as well. Freezes on the lock screen after a few minutes. I can hear the sounds when navigation but the screen is unresponsive or occasionally flickers. I can do a reset ( Power + menu ) and that seems to get it back to normal until it is locked again. This started happending after the last firmware update. May be releated to that or may not.

I will contact Panic as suggested in this post and send over a dump as I can reproduce this easily.

This should be resolved in 1.11.1 coming very soon, thanks for the report!