playdate.getCurrentTimeMilliseconds does not stop when the system is locked (simulator)

Disclaimer: I'm in group 2 and have yet to receive my Playdate, so I've only tested this in the simulator (1.10.0, Windows 10) so far.

I was just trying to figure out how to add a timer to my game and the first thing I came across was playdate.getCurrentTimeMilliseconds, which according to the documentation should not keep incrementing if the system is locked or the system menu is open. However, I've noticed that although it does stop when the system menu is open, It does not stop when the system is locked.

To reproduce this, I simply subtracted the last time stored in a variable from the current time and printed it in the playdate.update() loop.

local elapsedTime = playdate.getCurrentTimeMilliseconds() - startTime
startTime = playdate.getCurrentTimeMilliseconds()
print("frame time:", elapsedTime/1000)

Open System Menu > log stops printing, resumes with expected time difference when menu closed
Lock Console > log stops printing, but resumes with the entire duration the system was locked upon unlocking.

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I also have this problem. I think I've reported it before but I can't be certain if it was logged.

I didn't check too hard to see if it was already reported, so sorry if it is already written up somewhere :slight_smile:

Do you know if it happens on the actual hardware or is just a simulator issue?