It would be nice if the user could enter a player name / nickname for themselves in the system settings.

This can then be used in-game as suggestion in a character-creation screen, or leaderboard entry.

This prevents users from re-typing their nick into every game, which would be a chore with the on screen keyboard.

Perhaps there should be a 10-char character limit. That would make it more practical for use in dialog boxes with limited space.


+1, this is a great idea.

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Good idea. I'm thinking that better than having auniversal limit imposed on all games, just let any given game truncate as its needs demand.

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Seems like there is now an option to enter a player name in your account. Hopeful that this means this will be available in the SDK soon?


Cool! I am now Adams_Immersive

Reading that name would be handy—or a whole leaderboard system like the Season games.

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Big +1 to this request!

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Just passed by this request, and wished to +1 as I faced the same requirement today!