Playdate Mirror app freezes occasionally

Hopefully this is an appropriate place for a bug report on this. I've been using the Mirror app to do some Playdate streams on Twitch. The first time I did this, everything worked perfectly, playing the first week's games, Whitewater Wipeout and Casual Birder. The second time I was playing the second week's games, Crankin's Time Travel Adventure and Boogie Loops. While it may have been a coincidence, I only noticed the problem playing Crankin's Time Travel Adventure.

I can't give definitive steps to reproduce, and I don't know if this may be an issue with the physical connection, the Mirror app, or the device. If there are any logs I could collect or troubleshooting steps I should try, please let me know.

Here's the setup I was using:

  • Mac Studio (M1 Max, 10 Core) with macOS 12.3.1
  • Mirror app 1.0.0
  • Crankin's Time Travel Adventure 1.0.1
  • I am using the supplied USB cable, however due to the length I had to connect it to the front of the Mac using Apple's USB-C adapter

Expected results:

The Mirror app should show what is on the Playdate screen without interruption.

Actual results:

Occasionally the Mirror app freezes—it stops updating the image and outputting audio. The Playdate itself continues to work normally. After a short time the Mirror app starts working normally again.

At one point I tried restarting the Mirror app a couple of times, and disconnecting and reconnecting the cable. Neither seemed to make a difference in how often it happened.


Here’s a link to the stream where this happened: Twitch
Here are several time stamps where the problem occurs:
01:11:54 (very brief)

Note: The issues from 00:55:00 to 01:01:00 were entirely the fault of OBS, not the Playdate or Mirror app! (There’s an audio-only problem followed by a video capture problem—the Mirror app itself was working fine during this.)

I'm currently planning on trying a different cable next time, so I don't have to use an adapter. I've been unable to find any specs or minimum bandwidth requirements for the Mirror app, which might be useful information if anyone has it. (Apple doesn't give much info about their adapter either.) Should I use a USB 3 cable or is USB 2 fine?

Heya - I just livestreamed my Playdate as well using the mirror app and I didn't have any crashes over the course of 2hrs and I mostly played Time Travel Adventure. My Playdate was connected via USB 3.0.

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I had a similar issue, but just with the Playdate intro, the sound doesn't come through very well at all, though it seems to work fine everywhere else. I'm using Mirror on a windows PC, and you can see the issue at the 7 minute mark in this video: Twitch