Playdate not showing up as usb device on Ubuntu 22.04

Hello !

I am having issues using my playdate for development. Here is the pattern I observe:

  • Using the simulator, I upload the game to the device
  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it makes the playdate crash, and the simulator looks for the playdate indefinitely.
  • When it crashes, that usb port on my computer does not work anymore to detect the playdate. I can still use the other usb port.
  • When both usb ports are "shot", I have to reboot my computer to be able to see the playdate as a usb device.

So, with a freshly booted computer, I see the playdate poping up with dmesg and the device is available under /dev/ttyACM0.
When the two usb ports are "dead", I can't even see it as a "data disk" .

Any idea what's going on ?

Thanks !


Hi there, did you run the setup script that comes with the SDK? Also, are you connecting the PD directly to your computer (no hub) and using a good USB C cable?

Hi @willco !

Yes I ran the setup script, and the PlayDate is connected directly to my computer using the provided usb-c cable

Thanks !

When the playdate crashes, could you attach the crash log here? It's at the root of the drive when you mount the Playdate data drive. Thanks!