Playdate OS/SDK 1.13.5 is out


  • Updated group names to be consistent in Launcher and Games screen
  • Direct reader to font:drawText() as an alternative to gfx.drawText() in docs
  • Update Simulator Controller DB mapping
  • Add fps to launchImages documentation


  • fixed regression in 1.13.3 causing to fail [#4747]
  • Mac installer will no longer fail if there are symlinks in previous SDK folder (#4732 )
  • Fixed buttons getting stuck in "down" state if system menu is opened while held
  • pdc import path handling now uses forward slashes on Windows
  • fixed position of images with lopsided left/right padding drawn at 90 or 270 degree rotation
  • Fixed image corruption when setting a mask image with mismatched rowbytes
  • Fixed regression where sprite:setImage() ignores scale factors
  • Fixed leak when calling setMenuImage() multiple times in a row
  • Windows/Linux Simulator: possible deadlock on quit
  • Macos Simulator: indeterminate progress bar doesn't move in floating status window
  • Windows/Linux Simulator: Possible crash in debugger
  • Windows/Linux Simulator: possible crash with failed pd_malloc in specific situation
  • Simulators: Debugger hangs after lua stack overflow