Playdate OS/SDK 1.13.6 is out


  • pdc now errs if fnt file has duplicate character entries
  • and now both return width, height values
  • Provide a "Wi-Fi not available" message for some server errors


  • sprite:setImage() no longer resets the sprite's scale
  • Better error handling when turning on Automatic time setting
  • Kerning now works correctly when right-hand character is on a different page from the left and not page 0
  • Added minimum animator duration of 0.001 to avoid division by zero
  • Fixed crash when Launcher cache file has unexpected values
  • Simulator no longer fails an assert after sequence finishes playing
  • now returns the instrument, not the synth you passed in
  • Fixed crash in fillPolygon() in certain cases
  • Fixed a case where the device could become stuck when locked