Playdate OS/SDK 1.13.7 is out

The following bug fix did not actually make it in to 1.13.6. :man_bowing:t3:


  • sprite:setImage() no longer resets the sprite's scale

I think my bug has been forgotten!

Using freePlayer to free a fileplayer still leads to a leak (the file path isn't freed). It's been discussed here: Memory leak while using freePlayer or removeAllMenuItems

Maybe I shouldn't have marked the discussion as solved :thinking:

Intentional gradual rollout? In case it matters: my 1.13.5 Mac SDK Simulator did not recognize that there's a new version after 6 days. (I never even launched the Sim during the 1.13.6 window.) Regardless, 1.13.6 installed fine manually from the dev site!