Playdate OS/SDK 2.0.1 is out!

The newest version of Playdate OS and SDK, 2.0.1 is hot off the presses! Update your device OS via the system prompt or Settings > System > System Update, and get the SDK at Develop for Playdate.

This version is primarily a bug fix update, which buffs out a few issues with list view, as well as some other miscellaneous problems. Take a look at Playdate SDK Changelog and see if any bugs you've been watching have been fixed!

Thanks again for your support, and let us know if you run into any issues!


Hi - my console got an update to 2.0.2 but there's no mention of it on the news, this forum, the changelog, or anywhere I can find. Mind giving a summary of changes?

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Howdy, I'm actually just about to finish up the rollout of our latest update, which is 2.0.3.

Are you sure that 2.0.2 is the version on your device? 2.0.2 was an internal-only development release, and shouldn't have been released outside Panic.

If it's actually 2.0.3 on your device, sorry about the confusion. We ended up completing part of the rollout of 2.0.3 last night, but the changelog etc. wasn't updated until today.

Yes you're right, it was 2.0.3, sorry about the mixup. I see it there now in the changelog, thank you!