Playdate OS/SDK 2.0.3 is out!

Starting last night and finishing up this afternoon (PDT), we've released Playdate OS & SDK 2.0.3! Please update your device OS via the system notification, or go to Settings > System > System Update. As usual, you can find the new SDK download at Develop for Playdate .

This version is a grab bag of bug fixes, as we do our best to get to issues that you, our developers, and our users are facing! To see the specifics, visit Playdate SDK Changelog !

Thanks again for sticking with us, and let us know if you run into any problems!


We've encountered some internal and external reports of batteries draining unusually quickly under OS 2.0.3, so we've temporarily paused the rollout of OS 2.0.3. The SDK will continue to be available, but we'd recommend that you wait to update your Playdate's OS until it becomes available via wifi once more. We'll keep you posted as this situation develops!


Could you please describe details about PLAYDATE_LIB_PATH env var and arg -I/--libpath for pdc?
There's no mentions about in the docs.

I just received my playdate in the mail from order group 5, and updated to 2.0.3 as prompted before I knew about this battery bug. I can report the battery percentage never appears accurate, and it never seems to fully charge. It doesn't display accurate battery drain while actively playing either. I charged it to an alleged full charge and it flashed the "plug me in" icon after roughly 3 hours of gameplay. After plugging it in again after that, it immediately went from 27% to 58% in a matter of seconds.

Aside from the battery issues, it has crashed twice when browsing the catalog, prompting me to "press A to restart the playdate".

I really like this console, but the bugs are concerning. Are the issues I'm facing just related to the 2.0.3 software bug or something else? Is there anything I can do to fix these issues?

@fzzr Sure, I'll check in with the dev team and have them post a reply here.

@flixonix it's hard to say before looking into the problems more thoroughly, but the issues you're seeing sound more serious than the problems that caused us to pause 2.0.3 rollout. Please get in touch with our support team by submitting a request on, and we can help you solve those issues.

And finally, I'd like to note that Playdate OS 2.0.3 resumed its rollout over the weekend. We are aware that some devices are experiencing battery issues, but in our investigation, 2.0.3 seems to help those issues overall. We're continuing to work on the problem, and please continue to let us know here on the devforum or through if you run into any bugs or issues.


So, I have 2 Playdates. Both never experienced any issues. Since I updated one to 2.03, the battery depletes much faster. I charged both to full charge at the same time. After a day idle , the one on 2.02 is at around 80%. The one on 2.03 was at 10% and a system message asked that I plug it.

Is there a way to revert to 2.02? It would be an interesting way to figure it the problems are related to 2.03, or if my battery issues somehow started with the 2.03 update were a coincidence.