Playdate OS/SDK 2.0 is out

It's out! Get it via your Simulator's Check for Updates command, or download at Develop for Playdate.

See the changelog here: Playdate SDK Changelog

NOTE: Don't forget that if you've previously published a game that includes any C code, you will need to re-compile it with SDK 2.0 and re-publish it. (The old .pdx will not run properly on the new rev B hardware, shipping this week.)



Just updated to 2.0 and all of my old C-games (100% C code) all worked with no updates. I do have 2.0 versions online but I can see that I have the old versions still. Did notice that a sound issue seems to have been resolved in one of my old C-games with this update.

So is there some specific feature that wont work when they have been built for 1.0 that wont start in 2.0? Or how come all my games worked fine :slight_smile: ? (”Pop Pop”, ”Nom Nom” and ”Meow meow” all are available on if someone wants to check em out).


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So on the rev A hardware (which is what you presumably have since we are only starting to ship rev B today), games compiled on 1.0 should still work on 2.0, even without re-compiling.

But here's where the problem lies: those 1.0 .pdxes won't run on rev B if they have C code in them. So by rebuilding for 2.0, you're ensuring they'll run for the new customers receiving their rev B Playdates.

(Separately, there have been little fixes and changes in 2.0, so it's always good to make sure your game still runs the way you want it to, even neglecting the whole rev A/rev B thing. So that's good news! And great that your sound issue might be fixed! There was some effort put into fixing a few sound issues.)


Ahh, I see :slight_smile: that makes sense, thanks for clearing it up!


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