Playdate OS/SDK 2.1.0 is rolling out!

Howdy all! We've begun the release of Playdate OS/SDK 2.1.0. The SDK is already available to download at, and the OS is slowly rolling out to the full userbase over the next couple of days. (Our beta tester group should all have access immediately, however.)

A feature in 2.1.0 that we're very excited about is SDK documentation upgrades! We've been admiring the work of community member SquidGod for a while now, so we got in touch to ask for his help in sprucing up the official Playdate docs. He's added several code examples inside the docs themselves, as well as other tweaks and fixes.

Other features in 2.1.0 include:

  • a toggle for enabling/disabling the Playdate notification light in Settings
  • API support for wavetable synthesis in the sound engine
  • minor API additions and fixes to sprite management and crankIndicator
  • a prompt to join the Playdate developer email list in Simulator
  • a slew of miscellaneous bug fixes

The full changelist is available at Playdate SDK Changelog, take a look if you want more details!

Thanks again for working and playing with Playdate, and let us know if you encounter any bugs with this release!


I love it, lots of great stuff in there! :playdate_heart:

Was hoping for a fix to the timer pause issue too, but that's easy enough to monkey patch for now. :slight_smile:

Quick note for everyone who (like me) quickly updated to the latest SDK, but has not received the OS update and therefore cannot test their app on hardware right now.

You can find old versions of the SDK here:
Windows: Index of /
Linux: Index of /
Mac: Index of /


Hey foxblock and all who have gotten stuck behind the slow rollout, sorry about that. The slow rollout was being tested as a way to prevent big bugs from hitting the entire userbase, and we didn't realize that it could block developers from being able to test on their devices.

On that note, OS 2.1.0 should now be accessible to the entire userbase. Please continue to let us know about any issues that come up for you with the 2.1.0 OS and SDK.


Hey sally, no need to apologize, sorry if I came across as cranky.
It's probably a good idea to do a slow rollout on OS updates and check for bugs. As long as I can easily downgrade the SDK to get the version I want/need, I am totally fine with that.

Just an idea: Maybe you can create an opt-in "early access"/beta branch for SDK and OS updates. That way developers could get new versions of both ahead of the main crowd and report problems.

Cheers and thanks for the great updates!

wavetable synthesis??? are you trying to make my game take another year to release? haha just KIDDING but that's SICK. I'm hyped to play with the new feature. I've been really impressed with the synth sounds so far, and they seem to just keep getting better.

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In the new crank indicator code, shouldn't delta be set to 0 when delta is more than 1000 ? The following loop may take a while if draw hasn't been called in a long time.

	if delta > 1000 then
		currentFrame = 1
		-- Maybe add delta = 0 here and lastTime = currentTime

	-- To avoid looping needlessly here.
	while delta >= 49 do
		lastTime += 50
		delta -= 50
		currentFrame += 1
		if currentFrame > frameCount then
			currentFrame = 1

Yep, good call. It'll also cause the animation to start on the "wrong" frame. I'll file a bug to add those lines. Thanks!

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came across as cranky

Was that a Playdate pun? :wink: no worries, you didn't come across that way to me! We just don't want to disrupt players' and devs' experiences with our OS/SDK updates if possible.

And we actually already have an opt-in beta branch! The feedback we get there is very helpful, but the full Playdate userbase is a couple orders of magnitude larger than the beta test cohort, so sometimes bugs don't get caught in beta. That's why we're hoping to find a less disruptive way to roll out the OS updates slowly. But we'll definitely take your feedback into account!