Playdate Simulator Not Responding when changing windows

Using the Playdate Simulator packaged with the 1.10.0 SDK for Windows. Using Windows 11 Pro 22000.613.

Removing window focus from the playdate simulator leaves the simulator in a Not Responding state (requires force closing from task manager.) The expectation is that the simulator does not get stuck. This only happens when the "Pause in Background" setting is on, and you remove focus from the window when the simulator is already paused. This issue did not occur with the 1.9.0 SDK. This is the only Windows machine I have access to, so I can't verify if this also happens on any other version of Windows.


  1. Open Simulator
  2. Enable the "Pause in Background" setting via the toolbar with "Playdate > Pause in Background"
  3. Pause the simulator via spacebar.
  4. Switch to a non-playdate window (example, notepad.)
  5. Switch back to playdate and try interacting, or closing the window. Windows will recognize the window as "Not Responding."

Thanks for the report, this has already been fixed for the next release!

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